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Tony's Tigers: A Fundraiser

If you've been to our pop ups, you've likely met Luci. Luci is our employee extraordinaire, and a good friend. She is a kind, responsible, reliable person who is always there for her family and friends, old and new, and has a beautiful, uplifting and incredibly generous personality. She recently revealed that her uncle Tony is facing health issues and needs a little support. We want her to know that she's not alone, and we are turning to you amazing people to help us raise funds to make the life of her uncle and family a little easier in these difficult times.

We will be hosting a little party at our HQ with a vegan bake sale and art sale, as well as drinks and music.
You are welcome to come by, and if you would like to contribute in some way (vegan items only) please send us an email at

Here is an excerpt of Tony's GoFundMe page:

"Tony is the kind of guy you would want to know. He is a dedicated husband, father, hard worker, friend and prankster who always went out of his way while he was able for everyone that crossed his path. Tony is now in need of your love and support.

In August 2014, Tony Bifero started experiencing odd symptoms that he knew were not normal. First he had weakness in his right hand and wrist. After months of testing which included many extensive MRI’s, CT scans, a spinal tap and a March 2015 visit to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a 3rd opinion, Tony was ultimately diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. ALS is a degenerative disease of the nervous system that weakens muscles and impacts physical function. Victims of the disease may be rendered totally physically paralyzed while maintaining their full mental capacities, enduring the full knowledge and sorrow of and their ongoing worsening condition.

Tony’s case is an extremely aggressive form of ALS. As of May 2015, he was confined to a wheelchair and working from home. As of July, he was no longer able to work at all. Ippolita, his wife, must continue to work to meet the financial needs of the family and to continue to provide the family, particularly Tony, with medical insurance coverage. He is currently having a difficult time with his speech and is waiting on a specially designed computer with an eye gaze system to help him communicate. The full cost of the eye gaze system will not be covered by insurance. Medical equipment in general, including the computer, power wheelchair, a medical transport van and home care to help meet his life changing needs is all an added strain to the family’s already strained finances.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion. "
View the fundraiser here:

Thank you,
S+M Vegan