New labels and new stores!

Little by little, and thanks to you, our cashew cream cheese is expanding!

When we started our little cream cheese making for a bagel shop down the street in early 2014, we never realized where it would take us. We now have four flavors, Original, Chive, Garlic & Fines Herbes and our latest Smoked, and we get emails every week from happy customers! We are still very small but thanks to you we are getting bigger and more viable, slowly but surely.

We announced a little while back now that we changed the recipe to a gluten free one, by making our own amaranth rejuvelac instead of using cultured wheat berries. Since then, we have been working on purifying our recipe even more, leaving out ingredients like agar, nutritional yeast and agave nectar, to bring you the most simply indulgent cashew cream cheese you've ever tasted.

We are in the process of relaunching it with a new name, new labels and its own website and social media page. We hope you will like the new identity as much as we do!

New website for the cheese:

New fb page for the cheese:

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