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Singaporean Vegan Dinner with Feastly (SF)

"Join us as we prepare dishes inspired by our favorite flavors from back home, adapted using locally sourced produce and without the meat -but all the flavor. 

While this meal isn't one of our special "spice lovers' only" dinners, it's not for the faint of heart with a couple courses being a little chili-heavy!

Shane and Marie are S+M Vegan, and they've been putting their years of professional cooking, their passion for seasonal produce and the influence of their combined Italian and Singaporean heritage to the front of their mission, bringing people together around flavorful, colorful, more sustainably prepared meals."

Reservations only; please click here for seats and details.



A fruity and bright shrub we made from Gaviota strawberries, topped with ice and sparkling water, to get things started. (Option with gin available)


Turmeric infused cauliflower with peanut tamarind sauce, coconut fried tempeh bits, pineapple and cucumber acar, sambal oelek and lettuce cups.

Indonesian and Malaysian flavors are prevalent in Singapore, as shown in this fried cauliflower dish with nutty, earthy crumbled tempeh (fermented soybean patty), peanut sauce, acar (spicy pickles), and sambal (a generic term for an array of spicy condiments and sauces). Each bite is to be formed into a lettuce cup, for added crunch and freshness.


Roasted eggplant stuffed with soft tofu, white pepper and dill, served with tomatillo sambal, radish, and fried shallots.

This tender roasted eggplant is served with more delicate flavors, reminiscent of how white fish can be enjoyed.


Rice vermicelli stir fried with our char siu seitan, green chiles, peas, spinach, gai lan, cilantro and curry powder.

Not really a traditional dish at all but tasty in its own right, and very close to the mild "fried beehoon" dish found at most hawker centers (minus the curry powder).Our nod to the famous non-Singaporean Singapore noodle is packed with seasonal green vegetables and comes with a small ramekin of chilies pickled in vegan fish sauce, for optional added heat.


Strawberry rose ice cream on soft pain de mie with pandan gems and salt roasted peanuts.

Ice cream loti is a popular and nostalgic ice cream sandwich sold on the streets of Singapore in rainbow bread. Strawberry, pandan (a nutty herb used in savory and sweet dishes, often nicknamed "Southeast Asian Vanilla" in reference to how commonly it's used) and peanuts come together for a decadent hot-weather treat.