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Vegan Scottish Brunch

We're excited and honored to partner with Sgaia Vegan Meats, an outstanding UK-based food company, during their stay in LA for two very special feasts: a dinner and a brunch.

For this decadent brunch with a Scottish twist, we will be pairing Sgaia's expertly made plant-based meats with some of the brilliant local ingredients found at farmers' markets.

Don't forget to complete your meal with a mimosa or two -bottomless option also available.

This dinner is reservations only; book your seats and view the menu and details HERE.

We look forward to cooking for you!


MARKET SALAD: Lettuces and radishes from the farmers' market in a light herbed buttermilk dressing.

"MEAT AND EGGS": Sgaia's fried egg and streaky rashers, black pudding (made from Sgaia's speck, forbidden rice and black garlic), sausage (made from Sgaia's smoked seitan steak and mushrooms), porcini HP sauce.

BAKED BEANS: Classic baked beans with a touch of smoked chiles. Served with charred tomatoes and cilantro.

MUSHROOMS, TOAST AND TATTIE SCONES: Roasted mushrooms with parsley and garlic, buttered and toasted sourdough bread, and tattie scones (a Scottish potato pancake).

FRUIT AND GRANOLA: Seasonal fruit tossed in lemon and orange blossom syrup and served on vanilla custard, topped with salted granola. A light, fresh nod to the Scottish cranachan.

COFFEE AND TEA:Coffee, tea with vegan milk and sugar.