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Pop up at The Double Standard (Oakland)

We're coming back to the Double Standard for a Friday night pop up with chef Alicia of soon-to-open Bread and Butter cafe.


Our award winning country fried Brussels sprouts coated in a slightly spicy and tangy sauce.
Our take on the Chinese-American classic, General Tso's Fried Chicken, which happens to make for a great bar snack.

- TURNIP CAKES (Gluten free)
Pan fried savory white radish cakes with smoked carrot chorizo, yuba crackers and hoisin sauce.
Savory turnip cakes (also commonly called carrot cakes along with many other names) are a dim sum and hawker food staple, a nostalgic treat for our Singaporean half. This version has added contrasts from the smoky carrot and crispy yuba (soybean milk skin).

- LAKSA (Gluten free)
Rice noodles in coconut lemongrass soup with chilies, tofu puffs, shredded yuba, market vegetables and burdock floss.
A spicy brothy noodle popular in Southeast Asia. There are many delicious variations of this dish, and we hope you'll enjoy our meatless, seafood-free, but flavor packed version.

- We accept cash and card.
- The Double Standard bar is 21+ only by state law, sorry!

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