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Fresh Pasta and Market Plates (dinner with Feastly)

La Mia Mania: Fresh Pasta and Market Plates

Few things are more beautiful than the displays of vibrant fruits and vegetables at local farmers' markets. The flavors, colors, textures and scents inspire us to keep cooking, day after day after day...
Join us for a 100% plant based dinner filled with local produce, where everything is made from scratch with all our love and care (cliché but true).
Shared family style, because good company is the essential seasoning to any good meal.
We look forward to sharing our food obsessions with you!

For the first in these series we will be serving one of our most beloved dishes (and best seller at Cruciferous!), our smoked beet and pickled green tomato salad with almond ricotta. We will also be making orecchiette (little ear-shaped pasta) and a pie made from the irresistible stone fruit at the Santa Monica market.